Student Reviews

Sanja Pantelic

Riccardo Forza


Raymond Tanti


Cassandra Elliott

“I took the course 3 months ago and I recommend it to everyone, they teach you everything, how to grab the chips how to shuffle the cards expertly, how to cut cards etc. They teach you how to talk more professionally and how to keep a smart posture, which is always important for yourself to feel more confident. They help with interviews and they will find a job for you as well. I can say that just 2 months in the course they offered me a job and I was so surprised. They prepared me by conducting interviews in order to see the points of improvements and thanks to OLCA I’m a live dealer now and it’s a very nice experience. I thank them because they believed in each and everyone of us. It was always my dream and because of them my dream became a reality. Ladies and gentlemen my advice is to take the course as you would be able to work in any casino anywhere in the world.”

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Nathalie Scheil

“The Croupier/Dealer Casino and Studio Level is an amazing course, I also had a really great and patient teacher who will take all the time that is needed for you to understand. Besides that it is a really positive and nice environment where you will have fun whilst learning. Once I acquired the Croupier/Dealer Casino and Studio Level Award I was offered many job opportunities and in fact I am currently working in a studio casino where I have the opportunity to advance in my career. Personally, Online Live Casino Academy is the the best academy and i would suggest it to everyone who is interestedΒ to work within the gaming sector.”Β 


Dejan Dejanovic

“I have always been interested to become a Croupier so I decided to attend the Croupier/Dealer Casino and Studio Level programme. My experience with Online Live Casino Academy was positively a memorable one. I gained knowledge, skills and competencies to deal roulette, blackjack and 5 card stud poker. I also have skills to present casino games whilst being streamed live trough camera. Once I acquired the Croupier/Dealer Casino and Studio Level Award I had many job opportunities with casinos in Malta and Europe. In addition I have been to many sandy beaches and historical places in sunny Malta. I can highly recommend Online Live Casino Academy for anyone who would like to start his/her gaming career in beautiful Malta.”