Our Values

The values that guide us

1. Responsible gaming

Responsible Gaming is one of the founding pillars of OLCA. Indeed, OLCA fully adheres to the quality regulations imposed by local authorities and it has successfully obtained recognition by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority.
Thus, this course will instill the value of Responsible Gaming with all its trainees.

2. Quality standards

OLCA is committed to providing our students with a professional casino, training experience. We aim to deliver a high quality learning experience that will allow the Academy’s students to be employed by the finest gaming companies in both local and international markets.

At OLCA, we encourage personal and professional growth, not only through our training courses, but our alignment with the Gaming and iGaming industries as well as in the quality of the careers we promote on our trainees’ behalf.
We are focused on building loyalty and value in our trainees through a unique combination of great service, excellent training products, operational excellence and technological leadership.

3. Contributing to Malta’s economic development

OLCA is committed to making a contribution to Malta’s economy by creating job opportunities, attracting inward investment and engaging local businesses as suppliers and partners.
At OLCA, we are also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in the community and being a responsible steward of the environment.

4. We Value Your Privacy

We utilize state-of-the-art casino systems provided by gaming software that employs high-end encryption protocols and the latest firewall products, making our systems the most advanced and secure online today.

5. Excellent customer service

We value the croupier’s customer service skills that are needed in order to generate a successful gaming experience for the player. These skills are taught in a number of scenarios that arise when dealing with different types of players, their differing expectations and their behaviour.